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Hands-On Coding Tools

Table Maker

You tell it how many rows and columns you want in your table. It writes all the table, tr, th, and td tags, so you can just copy/paste them into your own code.

Gradient Maker

You design your two-color gradient with simple mouse clips, it writes the appropriate CSS code for you. So you can just copy/paste the code to your own CSS code.

Text Shadow Designer

Use this page to design a headline with a drop shadow. Then copy / paste the code into your style sheet..

Best Free Code Editor Ever

Whether you're just learning HTML for the first time, or are a seasoned developer, VS Code is bound to make learning, and doing, faster and easier. You can get it, and learn about it, for free right here.

Free Web Hosting

Publish your sites for free on Amazon's cloud. Here you'll also learn to set up a free account on Amazon Web Services, and start learning cloud computing, the hottest and fastest-growing thing since the Internet itself.