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Obnoxious Interactive Quiz

Here is the obnoxious version of the interactive quiz. Many people will find the included sound effects to be obnoxious and may lecture you on how terrible it is to put sound in web pages. So don't use this one unless you know your audience and they have some sense of humor. If in doubt, use the silent version here.

1. Which of the following is a primary color when working with light (rather than inks)?

a) RedCorrect, in light we use RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

b) OrangeThat's not a primary color for ink or light.

c) YellowThat's a primary color for inks, but not for light

d) PurpleThat's not a primary color for ink or light.

2. Which of the following is a JavaScript library?

a) CSSCSS is a language, not a JavaScript library.

b) HTMLHTML is a markup language, not a JavaScript library

c) jQueryCorrect-a-mundo, jQuery is a wildly popular JavaScript library.

d) PythonPython is a programming language, or large snake, but not a JavaScript library.

Here are the two images I used. They're public domain, so feel free to download.

Green checkmark  Red X

All files available from GitHub: Use the Download Zip option under Clone or Download to get all the files in a zip file.