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Public Domain Heaven

If you need free public domain photos, videos, clipart, music, sound effects, or backgrounds, check out my search tool at if you're like to take an online course about that, for free, hop on my mailing list at the page, and you'll be taken to a link where you can enroll for free.

Web code >

Web Coders

Front-End Web development is all about HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript these days. In addition to my online courses that you can take through your local college and Ed2Go , I offer free resources through my Learn HTML Club Resources site and Web Coders Facebook page.


Online Educators

I've been teaching online, seemingly forever, and have lots of free resources for aspiring and accomplished online educators at my Online Educator Resources page and Creative EdTech Facebook page. But don't worry, it's not old stuff. I'm deep into the cutting-edge tech side of it, and teach many courses on video editing and production for online instructors. You can take any of those courses for free if you keep in touch through my mailing list .

Reluctant Marketer >

Digital Marketing

Modern technology allows everyone to be an author, teacher, and publisher. But like it or not, it also requires that virtually all creatives become their own marketers. That requires some knowledge of digital marketing. I've been educating myself on that for a while. I don't teach it. But I am happy to share the many great resources I've discovered on my journey via my Reluctant Marketer site and Creative Promo Facebook page .